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Places To Visit | Sorrento

Sorrento - August 2013

During Summer, I was fortunate enough to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Southern Italy. My family and I spent 5 nights at the Hilton, Sorrento and enjoyed some amazing sights and absolutely FABULOUS gnocchi... 

We had just arrived, the sun was beginning to set and we were about to meet our family friends by the pool. The view of Mount Vesuvius from the balcony was so beautiful that I just had to take a few quick snaps. 

Having had a lovely nights sleep and a quick morning swim, we took a  scenic drive along the Amalfi coast and stopped off at a little village called 'Positano' for the day.

After clambering down what seemed like a thousand steps, we finally made it to the beach and headed for the sea (much to my brother's delight). 

Half way through our trip, we decided to spend the day touring the surrounding islands of Sorrento via boat. The views were simply phenomenal as we explored the bay of Naples, Capri and revisited Positano.

Along with the completely stunning scenery, the night life and food were equally as impressive. Over the course of the five days, we enjoyed a range of beautiful pizzas and exquisite Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. One evening, whilst munching away on our pasta, the restaurant owner presented us with an array of musical instruments (beautifully presented by my brother) and a band began playing around us (also much to my brother's embarrassment).

and to top it all of on our last day, a beautifully cooked 5 course meal prepared by Em, Dad, Ann and Rob.

It was so lovely to get away after finishing my exams and I was incredibly lucky to visit such a stunning part of Italy. 
 So, if ever you're looking for extraordinary scenery, sunshine, sea and the most phenomenal pasta (particularly gnocchi) on the planet...I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend Sorrento

What were your favourites for Summer 2013?

Han ♥

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